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Recommended Books


Kodokan Judo
The Essential Guide to Judo by Its Founder
Jigoro Kano
ISBN:978-4-7700-1799-4 / 4-7700-1799-5
Publish: 29 Apr, 1994
  The Canon of Judo
Classic Teachings on Principles and Techniques
Kyuzo Mifune
ISBN:978-4-7700-2979-9 / 4-7700-2979-9
Publish: 9 Apr, 2004
  Mind Over Muscle
Writings from the Founder of Judo; Jigoro Kano
Foreword by Yukimitsu Kano, Compiled by Naoki Murata
Translated by Nancy H. Ross
ISBN:978-4-7700-3015-3 / 4-7700-3015-0
Publish: Mar, 2006
  Judo History. Theory. Practice
Vladimir Putin, Vasily Shestakov & Alexey Levitsky
Publish: 2004

Judo Formal Techniques A Complete Guide to Kodokan Randori no Kata
Tadao Otaki & Donn Draeger
ISBN: 080481676X

Publish: 1983


The Diamond Valley Judo Centre Dojo is located at the St Mary's Primary School Sports Hall,
Grimshaw St, Greensborough, Victoria, Australia; Melways ref. Map 20 G2

For more information; visit the dojo
or call Sensei Vin Spaull on (03) 9439-3337 or send him an Email by clicking here.
Diamond Valley Judo Centre, Greensborough, Victoria, Australia